Friday, February 1, 2019

Season Two Of Humboldt Outlaw Karts On The Horizon For 2019

Eureka, CA (February 1, 2019) – After a successful first season for the Humboldt Outlaw Karts in 2018, the series will return once more for 2019 at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. New years typically see changes in most forms of motorsports and for HOKs it will be no different as there will be improvements and additions for the upcoming year.

2018 was a year for change for outlaw kart racers in the region. The first was the creation of the Humboldt Outlaw Kart organization which wanted to not only continue on maintaining outlaw kart racing in the area but wanted to better it. Halfway through the season, the series moved from its previous home, the 1/10-mile dirt oval inside of the Redwood Acres Raceway 3/8-mile paved oval. The new track stayed on the fairground’s property, taking over the former bullring with a 1/8-mile dirt track in its place. The new track not only provided a spectacular setting for the racing action but also gave the outlaw racers their own place that they could be proud of.

The six divisions that drivers and racers have come to love will be returning in 2019. That includes the Champagne Attourney Service beginner box stocks, the Williamson Financial Group box stocks, the Miclette Family Racing pure stocks, the Fortuna Wheel & Brake old fart karts, the Wes Green Landscape Materials 125-250cc karts and the NorCal Automotive 500cc/open karts. A new division will be added for the season with the addition of the stock lawn mowers. It will be the first full season of lawn mower racing at any Northern California facility and the division should quickly develop a hardy fanbase based on its popularity all over the country.

2019 will also mark the first year of a full season-long points championship battle for all divisions. Since outlaw kart racing started at Redwood Acres in 2016, each event has been a stand-alone race that did not count toward an overall championship. The addition of a championship will likely add to the on-track action and will make winning, finishing and showing up every race even more important than in previous seasons.

The schedule for the Humboldt Outlaw Karts in 2019 is still tentative. Currently a test and tune is scheduled for April 20 with the seasoning opening race taking place Saturday May 4. Other race dates include May 18, June 1, June 20, August 3, August 17 and September 28. All events will be Saturday races with the June 23 race being held on a Sunday to coincide with the final day of the Redwood Acres Fair. The September 28 race will be the final race of the championship run while the October 12 race serve as an open race of sorts. A full and official schedule for 2019 will be released in the very near future.

Other exciting news for the Humboldt Outlaw Karts will be the return of electronic scoring for every division with the X2 timing data system. Having electronic scoring was a necessity in regards to having a year-long championship but it will also allow drivers to follow timing and scoring in real time while also keeping track of lap times and finish results. The scoring system will allow for the return of qualifying in all divisions as well.

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April 20 - Open Practice
May 4
May 18
June 1
June 23 - Sunday, Final Day Of Redwood Acres Fair
August 3
August 17
September 28
October 12