Wednesday, May 30, 2018

North State Modifieds "Driving Out Cancer" Tour

Rick Avila pilots the zebra-striped #42 modified. The zebra-striped ribbon represents the type of cancer Rick is battling.

Via Nadine Strauss/NSMS Media

The North State Modified Series (NSMS), presented by Protect the Harvest, is dedicating its 2018 racing season to cancer awareness and research. The 2018 “Driving Out Cancer Tour”was inspired by NSMS competitor Rick Avila, 55, of Pleasanton, CA.

Avila first noticed abdominal symptoms of a Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) at the age of 42. He dismissed and ignored the pain for 11 years before going back to the doctor. Three days later he was rushed to surgery to remove tumors in his small intestine. Avila still has many Stage 4 cancer NETs in his liver which are not surgically removable.

Avila is racing his zebra-striped #42o modified at each race and is spreading the word about how important it is to get checked if you think anything is physically wrong.

Avila's fellow racers and families have been handing out “Driving Out Cancer” decals to race fans, and the donations have been very generous. Already over $1200 has been collected for cancer research and awareness in only two outings.

Both 3-time NSMS champion Darrin Knight of Kelseyville, and Dustin DeRosier of Cloverdale, have already pledged to donate 10% of their winnings to the cause. Other large donors include Redwood Acres Raceway promoter Blair Aiken, NSMS points leader Randy Houston, NSMS track official Paul Clark, Mike Anderson of Anderson Logging, and Lucas Oil Dash for Cash winner Ian Elliott.

The “Driving Out Cancer” campaign will continue at the next NSMS modified race at Madera Speedway on June 9.