Monday, June 13, 2016

Philpot Sets New Track Record, Wins At Madera

Jason Philpot climbs out of his car after winning the North State Modified Series at Madera
(Photo Courtesy Don Thompson)

By Nadine Strauss and Blakesley Sports Media

June 11, 2016 - Jason Philpot of Sacramento collected his second season victory in the North State Modified Series, presented by Protect the Harvest, at Madera Speedway Saturday night as part of the Summertime Horsepower Nationals. Philpot also set a new track record of 14.564 seconds, blistering the previous record (15.098) set last June by Tripp Gaylord.

Weather conditions were perfect for fast racing as 11 other NSMS contenders clocked in under the previous record including Charlie Collins (14.630), Eric Price Jr. (14.846), Cody Thompson (14.902), Guy Young (14.907), Bryan Denton (14.944), Darrin Knight (14.957), Darrin Sullivan (14.967), Joe Rhodes Jr. (14.992), Sierra Furia (15.007), Brian Collins (15.026), and Rich Cobb (15.055.)

Philpot had to race forward from tenth position after pulling a ten car inversion for the Lucas Racing Mid-State 60. Joe Rhodes, Jr. of Sacramento made his first Madera start count from the outside front row to take the lead from pole sitter Sierra Furia from Lakeport. Rhodes led 15 laps in a strong performance for the former Roseville Bomber driver. It did not take long for Philpot to move through the pack as he assumed fourth by lap eight around Lucas Oil Dash Winner Guy Young of Redding.

Furia drifted back to eighth position by lap ten in a tough start for the rookie. The leaders encountered lapped traffic by lap 15 when the first caution came out for Eric Price, Jr. stalled on the track. At the same time John Baker's car overheated forcing him to an early retirement.

Rhodes picked the outside on the restart and points leader Darrin Knight of Kelseyville took advantage to take the lead into turn one. The move was nullified when Furia spun across the front stretch head on into the wall.

Rhodes chose the inside on the next attempt but Knight was not deterred as he took over the lead on lap 16. Rhodes eventually was shuffled back to fifth.

Knight lead 14 circuits with Philpot in heavy pursuit. Philpot dove inside Knight on lap 29 through turns three and four with the pair making slight contact sending Knight spinning. Philpot drove off with the lead and Knight had to restart from the rear.

The fast-paced race had one more caution on lap 43 when Young went up in smoke. Philpot drove away from the pack once more to take the .556 second win over Upper Lake's Charlie Collins, Rhodes, Knight, and another Northern-area driver Darrin Sullivan of Kelseyville. Rounding out the top 10 were Nick Lyons, Cody Thompson, Rich Cobb, Bryan Denton and Terry Deal.

With points leader Mike Collins electing to sit out this event, Knight's took over the points lead with Rich Cobb, Codi Barba, Darrin Sullivan and Bryan Denton in the top 5 spots.

Young collected $100 in the Lucas Oil Dash for Cash, with Denton getting $50 for second. Philpot earned the Wenteq Hard Charger Award for passing the most cars. Rhodes took home the Naake Suspension award, and the DJ Safety Certificate went to Charlie Collins. Philpot also earned the Penney Racing Supply/Sunoco Fast Time Award.

The next North State Modified Series event will be at All American Speedway on June 25. This special fair event will be shared with the Pacific Challenge Series Late Models and the Nor Cal Pro-4 Modifieds.

The North State Modified Series is presented by: Protect the Harvest, Swartz Diesel, Lucas Oil, Sinister Diesel, Penney Racing Supply, American Racer Tires, Naake Suspension, Sunoco Fuels, Five Star Bodies, Wrap Star Pro, Wenteq, Scribner Plastics, DJ Safety, and Buckhorn Bar & Grill.

SUNOCO/PENNEY RACING SUPPLY TIME TRIALS: Jason Philpot (14.643 NTR), Charlie Collins (14.630), Eric Price Jr. (14.846), Cody Thompson (14.902), Guy Young (14.907), Bryan Denton (14.944), Darrin Knight (14.957), Darrin Sullivan (14.967), Joe Rhodes Jr. (14.992), Sierra Furia (15.007), Brian Collins (15.026), Rich Cobb (15.055), Terry Deal (15.142), Nick Lyons (15.143), Codi Barba (15.148), John Baker (15.943), Jerry Toporek (n/t)

LUCAS OIL DASH FOR CASH: Guy Young, Bryan Denton, Eric Price Jr., Jason Philpot, Cody Thompson, Charlie Collins.

LUCAS RACING MID-STATE 60: Jason Philpot, Charlie Collins, Joe Rhodes Jr., Darrin Knight, Darrin Sullivan, Nick Lyons, Cody Thompson, Rich Cobb, Bryan Denton, Terry Deal, Brian Collins, Jerry Toporek, Guy Young, Codi Barba, Eric Price Jr., Sierra Furia, John Baker, Josh Stewart (DNS.)