Monday, June 6, 2016

Furia plans to make 2016 North State Modified Series Debut at Madera Speedway

Lakeport, California - 19-year-old Sierra Furia has become a familiar name across the world of stock car racing. Furia has accomplished many hurdles to try and make it to the top ranks. The 2016 season will prove to be an exciting one for this teenage driver as she plans to compete full time at her home tracks, Lakeport and Ukiah Speedway, also with some debuts in other large Modified touring series.“I am really excited to be traveling this year and make my marks at some other tracks,” said Furia. “We have been successful in the past and there is success in the future.”

Furia plans to run Madera this weekend making her North State Modified debut. “I am excited to run with this series this coming weekend. I am out there to make laps and learn” explained Furia. Not only will she be making laps, she has high hopes to come out on top. Furia has had a long line of wins in the Modified in her hometown along with multiple wins in many other divisions. Furia will be racing with the North State Modifieds in July at her home track of Ukiah Speedway. “I have hopes that we will come out on top here at our home track, and show the fans that we can pull it off” said Furia.

“There will be a lot of new tracks I will be hoping to compete at such as Madera, Eureka, and hopefully some Lucas Oil Races,” explained Furia. “There is a lot of pressure to do well this year. I have no doubt that my team and I are going to be successful.”

Last season, Furia had plans to run full-time with PCS, Pacific Challenge Series for her 2016 series, but the plans got cut short with a violent wreck last July. This resulted in Furia having a totaled Late Model and also, injuries to the shoulder. Furia had explained, “It was scary for not only me, but everyone around me. I have never been put in the situation I was in before and I would never want to have to be there again”.

Furia does have plans to make some races with the PCS series, once the new car is finished. “I loved being able to race against some of my closest friends with the PCS series, such as hometown favorite Jeremy Doss. We have been friends since we could race and never stopped from that point” explained Furia.

Furia has a longline of support and it is great to see the support coming from all over. Be on the look out for Furia at Madera Speedway with the North State Modified series.