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Thursday, May 30, 2019

USAC Vs. VRA "Battle At The Beach" Resumes At Ventura

#43 Hannah Mayhew (Lance Jennings Photo)

By Lance Jennings/USAC Media

This Saturday, June 1st, the USAC West Coast and VRA (Ventura Racing Association) Sprint Cars will clash at Ventura Raceway. Promoted by Jim Naylor, the "ARP Battle at the Beach Race #2" is the second of five appearances at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. VRA Dwarf Cars, VRA Senior Sprint Cars, California Lightning Sprints, and Hobby Stocks are also featured on the action packed card. The Pit Gates will open at Noon, the Front Gates open at 3:00pm, with Racing scheduled for 5:30pm at "The Best Little Dirt Track in America." For more event information, visit the track's website at or call 805.648.RACE.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sunshine Fries Bacon In Ventura USAC West Coast Sprint Car Showdown

"Sunshine" Tyler Courtney captured the victory in Thursday's "Turkey Night Grand Prix"
USAC West Coast/ VRA Sprint Car feature at Ventura (Calif.) Raceway (Photo Courtesy Rich Forman)

Ventura, California.........Tyler Courtney worked his way around previous night's winner Brady Bacon with 11 laps remaining to score Thursday's 77th "Turkey Night Grand Prix" USAC West Coast Sprint Car "Special Event" victory at Ventura Raceway co-sanctioned by VRA.

Courtney has now notched wins in five different USAC divisions in 2017 with triumphs in the Silver Crown, AMSOIL National Sprint, National Midget, CRA Sprint and West Coast Sprint divisions.

Behind Courtney at the checkered of the 30-lap feature were Bacon, who led 16 laps before Courtney got by. Chase Briscoe was third ahead of early leader Klint Simpson with Brody Roa rounding out the top-five.


USAC WEST COAST SPRINT CAR SERIES SPECIAL EVENT RESULTS: November 23, 2017 - Ventura, California - Ventura Raceway - "77th Turkey Night Grand Prix" / "Battle of the Beach Race #4" - co-sanctioned with VRA

EXTREME MUFFLERS FIRST SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Carson Macedo (#73 Ford), 2. Jake Swanson (#92 Sertich), 3. Shawn Arriaga (#56J Arriaga), 4. Matt Mitchell (#12 Dale), 5. Brandon Wiley (#33B Team 33), 6. Dave Darland #21K Kruseman), 7. Koen Shaw (#88K Shaw), 8. Albert Pombo (#35 Pombo), 9. Guy Woodward (#24 Woodward) 10. Tyler Wiliams (#5K Kruseman), 11. Austin Ervine (#51 AJ), 12. Dalton Hill (#81D Double D). NT

BROWN & MILLER RACING SOLUTIONS SECOND SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Chase Johnson (#24X Johnson) , 2. Michael Pickens (#81 Watt), 3. Justyn Cox (#31X Cox), 4. Slater Helt (#14 Watt), 5. Kaleb Montgomery (#3K Montgomery), 6. Jeremy Ellertson (#98 Ellertson), 7. Stewart Friesen (#81X Watt), 8. Brent Owens (#71 Martin), 9. Tom Hendricks (#14X Hendricks), 10. Reed Broschart (#93 B&B), 11. Ryan Timmons (#29T Timmons), 12. Sterling Cling (#2K Kruseman), 13. Charlie Butcher (#96 B&B). NT

PYROTECT RACING CELLS THIRD SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Brody Roa (#91BR), 2. Max Adams (#5M Adams), 3. Cory Elliott (#11E Elliott), 4. Tanner Carrick (#83T Carrick), 5. Rick Hendrix (#15 Hendrix), 6. Bruce Douglass (#13 Davis), 7. Steve Hix (#57 Hix), 8. Damian Lopez (#4K Kruseman), 9. Cody Majors (#29 Steele), 10. Geoffrey Strole (#09S Strole), 11. Geoff Ensign (#3F), 12. Kyle Smith (#55 Smith), 13. Matt Rossi (#02 Rossi). NT

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Tyler Courtney (#81m Watt), 2. Brady Bacon (#63 Dooling/Hayward), 3. Chase Briscoe (#5 Briscoe), 4. Klint Simpson (#101 Edison), 5. Brody Roa, 6. Carson Macedo, 7. Colby Copeland (#24c Copeland), 8. Jake Swanson, 9. Michael Pickens, 10. Stevie Sussex (#34 Grau), 11. Tristan Guardino (#15T Guardino), 12. Max Adams, 13. Shawn Arriaga, 14. Cory Elliott, 15. Matt Mitchell, 16. Chase Johnson, 17. Tanner Carrick, 18. Slater Helt, 19. Troy Rutherford (#11 Rutherford), 20. Justyn Cox. NT
**Rutherford flipped on lap 23 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-3 Simpson, Laps 4-19 Bacon, Laps 20-30 Courtney.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bacon Feasts At Ventura For USAC West Coast Sprint Win

Brady Bacon was the victor at Ventura (Calif.) Raceway in Wednesday's "Turkey
Night Grand Prix" USAC West Coast/VRA Sprint Car feature (Photo Courtesy Rich Forman)

Ventura, California.........Brady Bacon captured Wednesday's USAC West Coast/VRA Sprint Car feature on night one of the 77th "Turkey Night Grand Prix" at Ventura Raceway.

The two-time USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car champ from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma zipped around Troy Rutherford on the fifth lap of the 20-lap points-free "Special Event" feature and cruised to a commanding two-and-a-half second victory ahead of Rutherford, Carson Macedo, Tyler Courtney and Max Adams.

Also timing in second during midget practice Wednesday night, Bacon appears to be the frontrunner to capture Automotive Racing Products' $50,000 bonus that will go to a driver who can win both the midget and sprint car feature on Thanksgiving night. Four other drivers possessing rides in both races for Thursday night finished in the top-ten Wednesday: Tyler Courtney (4th), Chase Briscoe (7th), Jake Swanson (9th) and Michael Pickens (10th).

On Thursday, Nov. 23, the event card includes a full program for the midgets, concluding with a 98-lap feature, plus USAC West Coast/VRA Sprint Car semi-features and A-Main. Pits open at 11am with the drivers meeting taking place at 2:45pm. Cars hit the track at 3:30pm.

"Turkey Night" is LIVE on on Thursday. As always, you can watch every USAC race on demand, a day following the event, at http://www.Loudpedal.TV/.


USAC WEST COAST SPRINT CAR SERIES SPECIAL EVENT RESULTS: November 22, 2017 - Ventura, California - Ventura Raceway "77th Turkey Night Grand Prix" - co-sanctioned with VRA

WOODLAND AUTO DISPLAY QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Tyler Courtney, 81M, Watt-12.289; 2. Kaleb Montgomery, 3K, Montgomery-12.307; 3. Brady Bacon, 63, Dooling/Hayward-12.388; 4. Colby Copeland, 24C, Copeland-12.444; 5. Matt Mitchell, 12, Dale-12.523; 6. Stevie Sussex, 34 Grau-12.567; 7. Brody Roa, 91R, BR-12.12.570; 8. Troy Rutherford, 11, Rutherford-12.588; 9. Max Adams, 5M, Adams-12.635; 10. Geoff Ensign, 3F, Finkenbinder-12.652; 11. Tristan Guardino, 15T, Guardino-12.656; 12. Klint Simpson, 101, Edison-12.672; 13. Jeremy Ellertson, 98, Ellertson-12.680; 14. Chase Briscoe, 5, Briscoe-12.724; 15. Dalton Hill, 81D, Double D-12.785; 16. Jake Swanson, 92, Sertich-12.786; 17. Matt Rossi, 02, Rossi-12.796; 18. Brandon Wiley, 33B, Team 33-12.806; 19. Shon Deskins, 20, Deskins-12.832; 20. Michael Pickens, 81, Watt-12.871; 21. Rick Hendrix, 15, Hendrix-12.872; 22. Chase Johnson, 24X, Johnson-12.878; 23. Slater Helt, 14, Watt-12.905; 24. Tanner Carrick, 83T, Carrick-12.914; 25. Shawn Arriaga, 56J, Arriaga-12.917; 26. Justyn Cox, 31C, Cox-12.963; 27. Guy Woodward, 24, Woodward-12.988; 28. Carson Macedo, 73, Ford-13.028; 29. Charlie Butcher, 96, B&B-13.062; 30. Kyle Smith, 55, Smith-13.108; 31. Dave Darland, 21K, Kruseman-13.115; 32. Cory Elliott, 11E, Elliott-13.169; 33. Sterling Cling, 2K, Kruseman-13.186; 34. Tyler Williams, 5K, Kruseman-13.261; 35. Tom Hendricks, 14X, Hendricks-13.261; 36. Bruce Douglass, 13, Davis-13.345; 37. Ryan Timmons, 29T, Timmons-13.357; 38. Koen Shaw, 88K, Shaw-13.406; 39. Bruce St. James, 7K, St. James-13.471; 40. Steve Hix, 57, Hix-13.481; 41. Geoffrey Strole, 09S, Strole-13.512; 42. Brent Owens, 71, Martin-13.525; 43. Damian Lopez, 5X, Perkins-13.962; 44. Albert Pombo, 35, Pombo-13.996; 45. Reed Broschart, 93, B&B-14.219; 46. Austin Ervine, 51, AJ-14.527; 47. Cody Majors, 29, Steele-14.765; 48. Stewart Friesen, 81X, Watt-NT; 49. Kyle Edwards, 39E, Edwards-NT.

EXTREME MUFFLERS FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Simpson, 2. Courtney, 3. Arriaga, 4. Hix, 5. Elliott, 6. Ervine, 7. Hendrix, 8. Mitchell. NT

BROWN & MILLER RACING SOLUTIONS SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Briscoe, 2. Rutherford, 3. Helt, 4. Butcher, 5. Owens, 6. Hendricks, 7. Majors, 8. Montgomery. NT

KEIZER ALUMINUM WHEELS THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Guardino, 2. Carrick, 3. Bacon, 4. Darland, 5. Friesen, 6. Shaw, 7. Deskins, 8. Lopez. NT

SALDANA RACING PRODUCTS FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Adams, 2. Copeland, 3. Wiley, 4. Smith, 5. Cox, 6. Douglass, 7. Hill, 8. Strole. NT

PYROTECT RACING CELLS FIFTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Pickens, 2. Swanson, 3. Sussex, 4. Woodward, 5. Timmons, 6. Ensign, 7. Pombo, 8. Cling. NT

COMPETITION SUSPENSION INCORPORATED SIXTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Macedo, 2. Roa, 3. Johnson, 4. Williams, 5. Broschart, 6. Ellertson, 7. Rossi, 8. St. James. NT

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Brady Bacon, 2. Troy Rutherford, 3. Klint Simpson, 4. Tyler Courtney, 5. Colby Copeland, 6. Stevie Sussex, 7. Chase Briscoe, 8. Tristan Guardino, 9. Jake Swanson, 10. Michael Pickens, 11. Max Adams, 12. Carson Macedo, 13. Chase Johnson, 14. Geoff Ensign, 15. Brandon Wiley, 16. Kaleb Montgomery, 17. Tanner Carrick, 18. Shawn Arriaga, 19. Slater Helt, 20. Brody Roa, NT
**Friesen flipped during qualifications. Deskins flipped during third heat.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1-4 Rutherford, Laps 5-30 Bacon.


NEXT USAC WEST COAST SPRINT CAR SPECIAL EVENT: November 23 - Ventura (CA) Raceway - "77th Turkey Night Grand Prix" - co-sanctioned with VRA