Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Championship Season Concludes Saturday For Humboldt Outlaw Karts

Via HOK Media

Eureka, CA (September 25, 2019) – The inaugural season of championship racing for the Humboldt Outlaw Karts will come to a head Saturday as champions will be officially crowned in all seven divisions. This weekend’s event will be presented in honor and in memory of Northern California late model star Howard Ford who passed away recently. Following the races, championship winners and all participants will be celebrated with a family awards barbecue.

The PeeWee Predators were a mid-season addition to the Humboldt Outlaw Karts and have provided great racing since the division’s debut in late June. Raylan Ross holds a strong 24-point lead over Adam Myer. Leonard Ward IV is 35 points behind Ross but out of the running for the division crown.

The championship in the Champagne Attorney Service beginner box division has already been decided as Aaliyah Mitchell’s 64-point advantage over Danica Kinsey is more than enough to secure her number one position. Destiny Lewis in third is 13 points behind Kinsey and still has the opportunity to advance in the final standings.

It’s a similar situation in the Fortuna Wheel And Brake old fart kart division as Nick Ford is 50 points ahead of second place Amanda Harpe. 24 points separate Harpe and Scott Proctor in third and it will be unlikely that those positions change Saturday.

Leonard Ward has also been a dominant force in the Miclette Family Racing pure stocks but in spite of it, his lead over second place Pete Miclette is not as comfortable as he would probably like. The margin is only 11 points. Jordan Miclette in third is out of the championship running as he is 35 points behind Ward. Michael Lawrence in fourth is hoping to move to third as he is nine points behind Jordan Miclette. David Alves is fifth in the standings.

The Nor Cal Automotive 500cc championship has been wrapped by by Tony Miles. Dax Williamson in second is 38 points out of the lead, too much to make up in one race. Cliff Myer is third in points. Though the track championship for the 500s has been decided, there is still plenty on the line Saturday. Brad Curtice of Nor Cal Automotive has put up a special bonus to entice 250 drivers to participate with the 500s. All 250 racers who race with the 500s on Saturday will receive $25. In addition to the regular payout, the feature winner will receive $100 with $50 for second place and $25 for third.

All eyes will be on the Williamson Financial Group box stocks Saturday as the division has the closest championship battle of all of the divisions for the Humboldt Outlaw Karts. The difference between Grant Proctor in first and Dylan Combest in second is a single point. Corbin Green is third in the standings, 23 points out of the lead but given how Proctor and Combest and ran all season, Green’s chances at the championship are highly unlikely. Austin Bartholomew is fourth and has a chance to get by Green as he is only nine points behind third. Timmy Walters will be hoping to hold on to his fifth-place effort in points.

The championship for the Wes Green Landscaping 250cc karts hasn’t been officially decided but all points leader Dryver Dothage will have to do is race on Saturday to make his title official. MKinzy Uselton’s 31-point gap will almost certainly be too much to overcome but she will be hoping to maintain second in points. Landen Green is third in the standings, 19 points behind Uselton. Maleesa Miles in fourth is 10 points behind Green while Derek Kessler in fifth is six points behind Miles.

Pit gates for this Saturday’s championship events will open at 10:00 AM while racing will begin at 3:00 PM. As previously mentioned, the championship awards and celebration barbecue will follow the conclusion of the final main event. Each driver entry includes two tickets for the barbecue while additional tickets are $5.00. For more information on this weekend’s event as well as full championship and race results visit You can also find HOK on Facebook.