Friday, September 29, 2017

Young Guns Steal the Show; Zamora Crowned Champion


Wenatchee, WA (October 29, 2017) It was an under 21 podium at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval for the 4th Annual Neal Newberry 125. Young guns Brittney Zamora, Jan Evans, and Brooke Schimmel crossed the stripes 1-2-3.

Having fast time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Brittney Zamora can attest to that. After taking the top spot, the eighteen-year-old Zamora drew an inverted eight chip. Starting eighth in the 21-car field with some very competitive racers, Zamora patiently and cautiously made her way through the field and toward the front. A couple near misses slowed her down for a minute, but by lap 93, Zamora had secured second place, and went after the leader, veteran driver Joe Constance. Zamora stalked Constance for 25 laps and muscled the lead from him on lap 123. The rest was making history as Zamora led the field to the checkered flag winning her second NWSLMS event of 2017 and becoming the first ever female Northwest Touring Champion. “He’s is a great driver, props to him for some clean racing out there,” said Zamora of Constance, “but I had to make the pass when I had the chance.”

Zamora has had an outstanding follow up season to her Jefferson Pitts Rookie of the Year in 2016. Graduating from high school with honors, performing her final dance recital, starting college at Washington State University, two NWSLMS wins, as well as podium finishes, and a championship have highlighted her summer.

Second generation driver, Jan Evans knew he had his work cut out for him in the final event for 2017. Coming into the night third in points, and first in Jefferson Pitts Rookie of the Year points, Evans held a mere four-point lead over his closest competitor Brooke Schimmel. The sixteen-year-old Evans qualified in the fifth position, and started the main event in the second row. Early in the race, Evans got together with Clint Habart who spun. Evans was posted for the contact and restarted from the back of the field. Climbing up to thirteenth, Evans was again involved in an incident, this time with Christopher Kalsch. Once again relinquished to the rear of the field, Evans needed to regroup and focus on making his way through the field. By lap 86, he was back to the seventh position. By lap 110, Evans had caught Schimmel in third. After a heated battle, Evans got to the inside to take the position. Schimmel tried a crossover move, but was thwarted by a lapped car. Evans continued to chase down the top two. As Zamora made her move, Constance bobbled and Evans was there to take over second. Evans edged ahead of Mitch Kleyn by three points for the second finishing position in the championship standings, along with winning the Jefferson Pitts Rookie of the Year title for 2017.

Sixteen-year-old, Brooke Schimmel started the night with a sixth-place qualifying position. From the second row, Schimmel was quick to jump up to second place in the field to do battle with pole setter Braeden Havens. Havens was strong, but Schimmel took over the lead on lap fourteen. Opening a big lead on the field, Schimmel looked poised to take win number three of the season. Brushing the front stretch wall on lap 36, Schimmel spun by herself going into turn one, handing the lead to Chad Holaday, who had moved into the second position. From first to seventeenth in the blink of an eye, Schimmel remained unruffled. Making her way back toward the front, Schimmel was back in the top ten by lap 70, and into the top five by lap 100.

Schimmel tracked down and passed Alan Cress and Andy Sole to take over the third position. With a mirror full of Evans, Schimmel tried to hold him off, but was unsuccessful. Schimmel finished her rookie season with two wins and fourth place in the championship standings.

With a win under his belt at South Sound Speedway this season, Mitch Kleyn was looking to send this season off with a bang. Not the qualifying effort he had hoped, changes to the car had Kleyn’s hopes up for a great finish. Caught up as an innocent bystander in the Kalsch/Evans incident, Kleyn suffered some damage that hampered his efforts. Kleyn recovered to a top ten finish, in seventh position, and third in the overall championship standings. Kleyn is part of the core of the series, and the only driver to have competed in every event in the four-year history of the NWSLMS.

Alan Cress, of Stayton, Oregon has competed in seven of the eight events during the 2017 season, making the longest tow to nearly every event this season. Cress started on the front row with Havens. Holding on to third place late in the race, Cress got shuffled back near the end, finishing eighth and sixth overall in the championship standings.

With one of the smallest teams in the series, Ed Thomsen has made every event this season. Improvement at every event, you’ll always find Ed and brother Pete with big smiles in their pit. While finishing fourteenth in the event, Thomsen finished a personal super late model best, fifth in the championship standings.

The top six championship contenders have put their heart and soul into the NWSLMS. They are the backbone. We’d like to thank the drivers, crew, and their families for their continued support. Plans for 2018 are underway with efforts to be bigger and better.

Final Results – Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, Neal Newberry 125

1 52 Brittney Zamora 125
2 64j Jan Evans 125
3 33s Brooke Schimmel 125
4 78 Joe Constance 125
5 20w Andy Sole 125
6 83 Braeden Havens 125
7 1K Mitch Kleyn 125
8 91 Alan Cress 125
9 90 Molly Helmuth 125
10 31 Chad Holaday 125
11 26 John Newhouse 125
12 40 Steve Floyd 125
13 09 Clint Habart 125
14 11 Ed Thomsen 125
15 51 Glenn Knutson 124
16 27 Max Tullman 121
17 16 Dan Moore 73
18 93 Dave Garber 64
19 33K Christopher Kalsch 41
20 64s Stephanie Evans 10
21 98 Greg Bennett 10

Lap leaders: 1-12 Braeden Havens, 13-39 Brooke Schimmel, 40-86 Chad Holaday, 87-88 Braeden Havens, 89-122 Joe Constance, 123-125 Brittney Zamora

This week’s contingency prizes were awarded to the following drivers:
Hoosier Tire Award – Newhouse, Kleyn, Schimmel
KRC Power Steer Gift Certificate – Stephanie Evans
Longacre Racing Products Longest Tow – John Newhouse Longacre Racing Products Hard Charger – Mitch Kleyn
Wheel Chill $100 Gift Certificate off Retail Set of Wheel Chills – Brittney Zamora Wheel Chill $25 Gift Certificate off Driver Cool Box – Glenn Knutson
Wheel Chill $25 Gift Certificate off Retail Grill Chill – Stephanie Evans
Frank’s Radio Gift Certificate $100 - $75 - $50 – Brittney Zamora, Jan Evans, Brooke Schimmel The Ti Company “Move of the Race” – Brittney Zamora

Final 2017 Point’s Standings
Pos Car# Driver Name Total Points Wins
1 52 Brittney Zamora 380 2
2 64J Jan Evans 346
3 1K Mitch Kleyn 343 1
4 33 Brooke Schimmel 339 2
5 11 Ed Thomsen 301
6 91 Alan Cress 274
7 51 Glen Knutson 169
8 83 Braeden Havens 167
9 64S Stephanie Evans 134
10 99 Shane Mitchell 132 1
11 1R Christian Roeder 125
12 26 John Newhouse 124
13 93 Dave Garber 122
14 64 Garrett Evans 96 1
15 24 Joey Bird 91
16 29 Jason O'Neil 86
17 72 Kameron McKeehan 85
18 89 Doni Wanat 84
19 40 Dylan Caldwell 84
20 90 Molly Helmuth 84
21 14 Brandon Carlson 81
22 39 Pete Harding 81
23 31 Chad Holaday 71
24 20 Andy Sole 68
25 89 Patrick Hinkle 63
26 25 Zach Beaman 53
27 10 Owen Riddle 53 1
28 15 Tayler Riddle 53
29 23 Brandon Ash 51
30 23 Chris Fenton 51
31 38 Chad Hinkle 48
32 17 Bob Pressley 47
33 75 Jeremy Doss 45
34 78 Joe Constance 44
35 7 Kurt Meyer 43
36 91X Mike Sackett 42
37 2 Tommy Elstoen 40
38 11w Riley Watson 40
39 88 Dave Thomasson 40
40 9 Josh Roberts 39
41 10 Justin Ellis 39
42 09 Clint Habart 38
43 55 Rod Schultz Sr 37
44 36 Jesse Iwuji 37
45 24 Tim Babcock 37
46 93 Karl Smith 36
47 40 Steve Floyd 36
48 30 Jeremy Richardson 35
49 27 Max Tullman 35
50 28 Wade Koens 34
51 6 Dan Lowther 34
52 8 Anthony Pope 33
53 29 Jeff Wade 33
54 22 Byron Goetz 32
55 16 Dan Moore 31
56 60 Scott Graff 30
57 81 Darrell Midgley 29
58 66 Jeff Bischofberger 29
59 33K Christopher Kalsch 29
60 98 Greg Bennett 27
61 83 Tom Berrow 26
62 95 Buck Noel Jr. 20

In their fourth season, the Northwest Super Late Model Series Inc. is the premier regional touring Super Late Model series in the Pacific Northwest. The series has many valued marketing partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, McGunegill Engine Performance, AR Bodies, Accelerated Graphics, Five Star Bodies, Longacre Racing Products, KRC Power Steering, Franks Racing Radio, Jefferson Pitts Racing, Bassett Wheels, The Ti Company, Child Havens Learning Center, Pacific Steel Structures, LLC and Racing Dynamiks. For more information on the series visit or on Social Media, Facebook (NWSLMS) or Twitter (@nwslms)