Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Patience Pays for Kleyn

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Rochester, WA (June 3, 2017) Making his way from the back of the field, Quincy’s Mitch Kleyn found patience is a racers best friend at race number three in the Northwest Super Late Model Series (NWSLMS) season. Travis Sharpe, Kleyn’s car chief and spotter directed him from the back of the pack twice through traffic and several yellow flags. Kleyn found himself in the fourth position near the end of the “Rumble in Rochester 125” at South Sound Speedway. Turned out, that was the right place to be after an incident involving the top 3 cars brought out the red flag, and saw all three head to the pit area. Kleyn started on the pole for the green, white, checkered finish that followed. The packed house fans were on their feet as Kleyn and Yakima’s Chad Hinkle raced side by side for the remaining laps. Kleyn edged ahead of Hinkle at the checkered by .030 to take his first NWSLMS victory. “We came from the back two times and knew we had a great car” said Kleyn. “We stayed smooth and ran two great laps for the win! I want to thank my wife, Rhonda, for never wanting to give up, Travis Sharpe for giving us a great setup, and the whole Wild 1 crew for their support.”

Brandon Carlson of Victoria, British Columba, Canada finished third, Bob Presley of Olympia and Seattle’s Molly Helmuth rounded out the top five.
The evening started with Shane Mitchell setting the fast qualifying time of 13.534 on the 3/8th mile oval. With a roll of the dice, Mitchell landed an 8-car invert for the feature event. Rod Schultz Sr. and Brandon Carlson would lead the field to green.

You could feel the electricity rolling through the grandstands as Schultz Sr., took the early lead from Carlson and 18 year old Brittney Zamora. Zamora, who graduated from high school with honors earlier in the day, quickly took the third position. By lap 60, Zamora, one of four female starters, had taken over 2nd from Carlson, whose car had gotten very loose. Zamora kept pressure on Schultz Sr. trying to take the lead position. His experience and knowledge allowed him to keep the track to his advantage. By lap 100, Mitchell had taken over the 2nd position and both he and Zamora pressured Schultz Sr. for the lead, while trading 2nd and 3rd back and forth between them. Both drivers tried the inside and the outside to no avail.

At lap 123, Mitchell finally got a nose inside Schultz Sr., who tried to close the door going down the front stretch. The glowing red brake rotors on Mitchell’s car indicated he was trying to get slowed up, but contact was made and Schultz Sr. headed straight for the turn one wall, collecting Zamora in the process. Zamora drove to the pit area to pull out some body panels and change a tire. Schultz Sr. left on a rollback, and Mitchell was posted for the contact as per the rules.

Kleyn, a two-time runner up in the series standings, becomes the only driver to compete in every event with the series since its inception.

It’s not very often that you have more than one female racer competing at an event. South Sound Speedway race fans witnessed four young ladies in the running at the Rumble in Rochester 125. All series regulars, Brittney Zamora finished 10th, Brooke Schimmel finished 7th, Stephanie Evans finished 16th. Molly Helmuth was the highest finishing female running 5th. Brittney Zamora leaves South Sound Speedway as the northwest’s first female super late model point leader.

The next event for the NWSLMS is at Douglas County Speedway in Roseburg, Oregon on June 17, 2017 at

Final Results – South Sound Speedway
# Name Laps
1 1K Mitch Kleyn 125
2 38 Chad Hinkle 125
3 14 Brandon Carlson 125
4 17 Bob Presley 125
5 90 Molly Helmuth 125
6 89 Doni Wanat 125
7 33 Brooke Schimmel 125
8 2 Tommy Elstoen 125
9 7 Kurt Meyer 125
10 52 Brittney Zamora 125
11 11 Ed Thomsen 125
12 55 Rod Schultz Sr. 123
13 99 Shane Mitchell 123
14 30 Jeremy Richardson 116
15 64J Jan Evans 90
16 64S Stephanie Evans 76
17 91 Alan Cress 52
18 60 Scott Graff 49
19 51 Glenn Knutson 48
20 89H Patrick Hinkle 10
21 1R Christian Roeder 4

Lap leaders: 1- 123 Rod Schultz Sr., 124-125 Mitch Kleyn.
This week’s contingency prizes were awarded to the following drivers:
Hoosier Tire Award – Chad Hinkle, Christian Roeder, Jan Evans
KRC Power Steer Gift Certificate – Ed Thomsen
Longacre Racing Products Longest Tow – Brandon Carlson
Longacre Racing Products Hard Charger – Chad Hinkle

Wheel Chill $100 Gift Certificate off Retail Set of Wheel Chills – Brittney Zamora
Wheel Chill $25 Gift Certificate off Driver Cool Box – Doni Wanat
Wheel Chill $25 Gift Certificate off Retail Grill Chill – Brooke Schimmel

Frank’s Radio Gift Certificate $100 - $75 - $50 – Mitch Kleyn, Chad Hinkle, Brandon Carlson

The Ti Company “Move of the Race” – Mitch Kleyn

Current Point's Standings
1 52 Brittney Zamora 131
2 1K Mitch Kleyn 129
3 64j Jan Evans 113
4 11 Ed Thomsen 110
5 33 Brooke Schimmel 107
6 91 Alan Cress 105
7 64 Garrett Evans 96
8 51 Glenn Knutson 95
9 99 Shane Mitchell 93
10 1R Christian Roeder 93
11 24 Joey Bird 91
12 83 Braeden Havens 91
13 89 Doni Wanat 84
14 14 Brandon Carlson 81
15 64s Stephanie Evans 69
16 93 Dave Garber 59
17 25 Zack Beaman 53
18 38 Chad Hinkle 48
19 75 Jeremy Doss 45
20 17 Bob Presley 44
21 90 Molly Helmuth 43
22 72 Kameron McKeehan 43
23 29 Jason O'Neil 42
24 2 Tommy Elstoen 40
25 7 Kurt Meyer 39
26 9 Josh Roberts 39
27 55 Rod Schultz Sr. 37
28 30 Jeremy Richardson 34
29 22 Bryon Goetz 32
30 23 Chad Holaday 31
31 60 Scott Graff 30
32 81 Darrell Midgley 29
33 66 Jeff Bishofberger 29
34 89 Patrick Hinkle 28
35 86 Tom Berrow 26
36 20 Andy Sole 25
37 95 Buck Noel Jr. 20

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