Thursday, April 7, 2016

Havasu 95 Speedway Resolves Two More Championships

By Dave Grayson

The Havasu 95 Speedway, the quarter mile paved oval located in Lake Havasu City-Arizona, crowned two more champions this past Saturday night under the typical exciting circumstances that this facility is famous for. This time there was a final resolution in the title run for the Get It In Gear Street Stocks and the Maintenance Solutions Team Factory Stocks.

When the Havasu 95 Speedway's 2015 - 2016 winter racing season began, Street Stock driver Gavin Bucy put on a driving clinic that immediately caught the attention of his competition, the fans and the officials. During a period that spanned from October 3d until January 16th, Bucy ran up a string of six consecutive main event wins. However, there was an a set of circumstances that didn't guarantee a championship trophy. That was due to the presence of speedway veteran, and former track champion, Bobby Keirns who collected six consecutive second place finishes that kept him within striking distance in the points standings.

However Keirns soon figured out the fast way around his season rival and, on February 6th, scored his first win of the season and then followed that up with two more consecutive wins. The two title contenders were now tied in the points going into last Saturday night's final Street Stock races of the season. Making this title run more exciting was the fact that the division was scheduled to run twin, 25 lap, mains. Once again, Keirns rose to the occasion and won the first race while Bucy finished third. Main event number two saw Keirns win his fifth consecutive race with Bucy finishing second. After Bucy's domination of the first six races of the season, Keirns wound up taking the division championship by six points.

The Maintenance Solutions Team Factory Stocks is the creation of Havasu 95 Speedway Promoter Bill Rozhon. The concept calls for three rotating drivers with at least one of them having to be a lady. Congrats goes out to Team Take and Bake and team drivers Jose Guevara along with Christine and Chris Weiss who wrapped up the division title this past Saturday night by a four point margin over the Asphalt Junkies and their trio of drivers comprised of Brandon Preston, Stacy Cherico and Tom Gray. EWWWWEEEE Racing placed third, only six points from first. The team was represented by Jeff Prieur, Nicki Prieur and William Guevara backed by a late season assist from Shelly Keirns and Robyn Gallaty.

Other championships already resolved includes Trevor Huddleston who won the Late Model title based on three consecutive feature wins and seven top five finishes. Bobby Keirns, who has been really busy this year, and Jeff Peterson tied for second in the rankings. Both drivers scored a main event win and six top five finishes.

Congrats to young Adam Hommerding who claimed the Havasu Wiring Outlaw Karts championship based on seven wins, including four in a row, and a consistent 12 top five finishes. Brody Wake and Korbin Mitchell followed the new champion by finishing second and third.

The Havasu 95 Speedway will wrap up their final two division championships during their winter season finale race set for April 16th. Still to be settled on this night are the Bandolero and Sam Nichols Electric Factory Stock titles.