Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Left Coast Race Scene: Good Times Quarter Midget Racing Association To Launch Season Opener This Weekend

By Dave Grayson

It's well known that the Madera County Fairgrounds has been the long time home of the Madera Speedway, the fastest one third mile paved oval in the west. However located behind the front stretch of the main speedway is a small, tightly wound, paved oval that measures 1/20th of a mile. This track is the home of the Good Times Quarter Midget Racing Association. Officially sanctioned by Region 11 of the Quarter Midget Racing of America, this program is specifically designed to develop the driving talent of boys and girls age five to 16. It's a program that works very well.

Following a special event, held in Vallejo-CA last month, the association will be presenting their official 2016 season opener in Madera on March 4th and 5th when they present the Joe Galante Memorial. Friday night is an open practice session for all divisions that will run from 4 to 8pm. Saturday race day begins with practice at 930am followed by qualifying and main events for the association's seven racing classes.

According to their website, "the purpose of this organization is to create and maintain a clean, safe, healthy sport which may be enjoyed by fathers, sons, mothers and daughters in relationship with better sportsmanship. (it's also) to acquaint the younger generation with the handling of mechanical devices (as well as) coordination, alertness and ability to handle motor driven vehicles. (Also we want) to impress upon the younger generation the idea of fairness, generosity and sense of responsibility without envy to others."

The positive aspects of this program is overwhelming both on and off the track. Not only is this association developing future racing talent, they also appear to be appear to be developing future, responsible, young adults all within the element of family. By the way, the racing is also quite entertaining. For more information regarding the Good Times Quarter Midget Racing Association you can contact Publicity Director Kim Avedisian at 559-313-3982.