Thursday, December 17, 2015

West Coast Short Tracker Is Looking For Your Press/PR


First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family. May the 2015 holiday season be a joyous one.

My name is Matthew Sullivan. For the past 15 plus years I have served as the track reporter for Redwood Acres Raceway in Eureka, California. For the last seven seasons I have also videoed the races at Redwood Acres and posted them on YouTube so though you likely do not know me personally, you have probably seen some of my work.

I have been an auto racing fan my entire life of 30 plus years. Racing, particularly short track racing is my life's passion. I grew up going to tracks all over the region and watched great drivers in NASCAR's Southwest Tour and in the open comp days. Racing is as much a part of me and who I am as anything else and the health of short track racing in this region in the country is very important to me.

When the RacingWest website met its demise recently, a huge hole opened up. RacingWest was the central hub for west coast short track racing news. Without the website, updated news from tracks and touring series has become harder to find. While track and series websites are regularly updated with news and results, it is much harder for readers to keep up with everything going on when there isn't a central place to read it all.


I have started a website/blog in hopes of trying to fill the void that RacingWest left. I want to do what I can to maintain, strengthen and build the reputations of tracks, series and drivers in the region. The site is going to focus on pavement racing, at least for the foreseeable future. Obviously Rome wasn't built in a day and my site is starting from the bottom but I would eventually like to be the leading source for short track racing news in the west coast.

While there were many positives to the RacingWest site, there were some negatives. My site will strictly be news and public relations only. There will NOT be message boards or forums on West Coast Short Tracker. I want the focus of the site to be on the racing aspect of everything. There will be NO gossip, rumors or any other sort of underlying inflammatory postings directed at drivers, tracks or series.

Again this site is literally in its infant stages but by this time next year, I hope that it is a top resource for racing news. Without you, this is not possible. I would appreciate your adding West Coast Short Tracker to your regular PR email rotation.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at . I look forward to hearing back from you and posting news, results and PR from your tracks/touring series.

Best wishes!