Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Humboldt Outlaw Kart Season Starts This Weekend

Via HOK Media

Eureka CA (May 1, 2019) – The first of eight scheduled races for the Humboldt Outlaw Karts is set for this weekend Saturday May 4. Steve’s Septic Service and Wes Green Landscaping will be presenting the events throughout 2019. The familiar six divisions will take to the track as well as a brand-new division.

This weekend will feature the debut of the Stock Lawn Mower class. Lawn Mower racing has been very popular over the years and it will be the first time that these machines will be regularly racing for points and a championship.

The Champagne Attorney Services beginner box stocks are the entry division for younger and inexperienced racers. The division always presents excitement as drivers begin to learn the ropes of what it takes to get around the track.

The Williamson Financial box stocks are the next step up from the beginner box stocks. The karts are essentially the same with the box stocks having more horsepower. There are more experienced drivers behind the wheel and the faster speeds provide exciting racing.

Fortuna Wheel And Brake presents the fart karts. The division is aimed at adults and a more relaxed feel compared to the other divisions. However, that doesn’t mean that the drivers in the fart karts don’t race less hard or the excitement is any less.

The Miclette Family Motorsports pure stocks are different from the HOK’s other kart divisions. These karts are cageless which helps provide fans the opportunity to see how the drivers react through the turns and track conditions.

The Wes Green Landscaping 250s are a jump in speed from the other karts. These karts are designed as the next step in the ladder from the box stocks. The speeds are higher and more noticeable as 250 drivers learn to handle karts with more horsepower.

HOK’s final division are the NorCal Automotive 500s. These karts are the premier division for racers from all over the United States. Perhaps the most interesting think about 500 karts is the varying ages of drivers. A young teenager can race an adult and be just as if not more competitive which is a rarity in sports.

There will be a test and tune on Friday May 3 at 4:00PM. Saturday’s events will be presented by Champagne Attorney Services. Gates open at 10:00AM with racing starting at 3:00PM. For more information visit or find us on Facebook