Friday, March 3, 2017

Fluidyne's Support Of The Spears Southwest Tour Series Has 30 Year Roots

A note From Gary Johnson, Founder of FLUIDYNE High Performance…

Thanks for the opportunity to ‘tell a bit of history’ concerning me, FLUIDYNE and the Collins family.

My first racing experiences began at my local track, Saugus Speedway in the mid-70’s where I participated in their Street-Stocks and Figure 8 Divisions. I enjoyed some success on that flat 1/3rd mile… setting a few track records in both classes and was lucky enough to win about 15 main event wins before moving up to their new Sportsman [2-Barrel stock-front-clip class] in 1979. After three seasons there, which also produced a few more wins and track records as well as a couple 2nd place finishes in their yearly Points Championship, I had a chance to move up to the Modified Division and raced at Saugus and Mesa Marin Raceway in 1980 and 1981. I took a hiatus away from racing for a few years starting in 1983, but returned to Mesa Marin to compete in their new Sportsman class in 1986… and was fortunate to win the Championship title in 1987 earning a Trophy and Silver Platter which are still proudly displayed in my office today.

Racing at Mesa Marin was a huge step-up! The speed, the competition and the longer races added up to a serious commitment and my team and I poured everything we had into becoming competitive on that 1/2 mile! Thanks to the Collins family and the family-oriented style of racing they provided each weekend, we made many new friends in and around Bakersfield and met a lot of Racers we are still connected with today.

You meet a lot of people in racing and I found that those relationships from my 10-11 years in competition have lasted many years after the racing was done. Thanks to Face Book and Twitter, I am able to stay in touch with many of my old teammates, competitors, friends and even some fans. Most of those friendships are ‘frozen in time’… meaning I can bump into one of my racing friends at a track or on social media and within minutes, we are back-in-the-day and talking as though it had not been years between conversations.

Needless to say, I am proud of being a ‘Racer’ and have enjoyed being able to stay within the Racing Circles for the last 40 years. It will be great fun to be working with members of the Collins family again as we ‘re-connect’ to our western roots and become a Contingency Partner with the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.

Gary Johnson, Owner
FLUIDYNE High Performance

FLUIDYNE High Performance is a proud sponsor of the 2017 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship.

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