Monday, September 26, 2016

Collins Sets Fast Time, Wins NSMS Feature At All American Speedway

Charlie Collins takes a victory lap with the Sunoco checkered flag after his $1,000
win in the North State Modified Series at All American Speedway in Roseville
(Photo Courtesy Carrie Lauenroth)

Roseville, CA - At All American Speedway Saturday night, Charlie Collins of Lakeport set fast time over the 21 car field, started tenth in the main event, and drove his Dana Stahl built modified to his second consecutive victory in the North State Modified Series, presented by Protect the Harvest.

Collins' fast lap of 13.719 seconds earned him the Sunoco/Penney Racing Supply fast time award of $100 along with $1000 for the Sinister Diesel Fall Classic 60 lap feature win, and the $125 Wenteq Hard Charger award. Collins now sits only 73 points behind Darrin Knight of Kelseyville going into the final NSMS event at Shasta Speedway Saturday night October 1.

The 10-car invert put Darrin Sullivan and Eric Price Jr in the front row, Richie Potts and Mike Collins in row two, Knight and Jason Philpot in row three, and Michael Mitchell and Kris Price in row four. Nick Lyons started inside of Collins in the fifth row.

Sullivan pulled ahead at the drop of the initial green flag over Price, Potts and Knight. Potts inched under Price for second on lap 2 with Knight following him into third place. Mitchell drove around Price on lap five just before Knight tagged the back of Pott's car, sending Potts into a spin to bring out the first yellow flag. Both cars were went to the rear, and at the same time Mike Collins and John Mamula retired to the pits.

This put Mitchell along side of Sullivan for the restart, and when racing resumed, Mitchell powered into the lead. Both Nick Lyons and Collins got around Price for third and fourth with Philpot joining the front-runners on lap nine. Collins swapped places with Lyons on the 12th round with Philpot following his line.

Lap 20 saw Collins making an inside pass on Sullivan for second as Mitchell was enjoying a 3-car lead over the the rest of the field. Three rounds later Sierra Furia spun on the front stretch to slow the race for a second time.

Collins won the battle for the lead on the restart, and at the same time Philpot drove by Sullivan for third. The running order at the Buckhorn Bar and Grill half-way point was Collins, Mitchell, Philpot, Sullivan, Kris Price, Lyons, Eric Price, Knight, Mike Gorham, Codi Barba, Potts, C.J. Christman, Dave Campbell, Furia, Josh Stewart and Kevin Coburn.

Kris Price passed Sullivan for fourth on lap 31 as Knight was picking off cars on his way back to the front. The following round Philpot retired his car to the pits. Knight joined the top five runners with a pass on Lyons on the 39th circuit. Eric Price's car lost power and stalled on the back stretch to bring out the third yellow flag on lap 49. Contact between Barba and Potts on the restart saw both cars headed for the pits.

The single-file restart saw Collins, Mitchell, Kris Price, Darrin Knight and Darrin Sullivan in a straight line. With only five laps to go Stewart and Christman got together with both cars stopping in turn four. The final five laps saw Lyons drive around Sullivan, and at the checkered flag it was Charlie Collins, Mitchell, Kris Price, Knight, Lyons, Sullivan, Furia, Gorham, Campbell, Stewart and Coburn. Joe Rhodes Jr and Cody Thompson both suffered problems during qualifying and were not able to start the race.

In the Lucas Oil Dash for Cash Barba collected $100 for the win, with Coburn getting $50 for second. Gorham took home the Naake Suspension award, and the DJ Safety Certificate went to Campbell.

The final race for the North State Modified Series will be the “Lloyd Burton Against the Wind Challenge with $1500 going to the winner of the 60 lap feature. The NSMS champion will be crowned at this prestigious event.

The North State Modified Series is presented by: Protect the Harvest, Swartz Diesel, Lucas Oil, Sinister Diesel, Penney Racing Supply, American Racer Tires, Naake Suspension, Sunoco Fuels, Five Star Bodies, Wrap Star Pro, Wenteq, Scribner Plastics, DJ Safety, and the Buckhorn Bar & Grill.

SUNOCO/PENNEY RACING SUPPLY TIME TRIALS: Charlie Collins, 13.719; Michael Mitchell, 13.751; Kris Price, 13.775; Darrin Knight, 13.825; Jason Philpot, 13.832; Richie Potts, 13.871; Mike Collins, 13.923; Joe Rhodes Jr, 13.929; Eric Price Jr, 13.982; Darrin Sullivan, 13.987; Nick Lyons, 14.064; Sierra Furia, 14.087; Mike Gorham, 14.152; Bryan Denton, 14.021; Codi Barba, 14.261; Kevin Coburn, 14.268; John Mamula, 14.297; Dave Campbell, 14.321; C.J. Christman, 14.396; Josh Stewart, 14.408; Cody Thompson, 20.111

LUCAS OIL DASH FOR CASH: Codi Barba, Kevin Coburn, Nick Lyons, Mike Gorham, Sierra Furia, Bryan Denton

SINISTER DIESEL FALL CLASSIC : Charlie Collins, Michael Mitchell, Kris Price, Darrin Knight, Nick Lyons, Darrin Sullivan, Sierra Furia, Mike Gorham, Dave Campbell, Josh Stewart, Kevin Coburn, C.J. Christman, Codi Barba, Eric Price Jr, Richie Potts, Jason Philpot, Bryan Denton, Mike Collins, John Mamula, Joe Rhodes Jr (DNS), Cody Thompson (DNS)